Non-practising registration in Victoria

Non-practising registration is recommended for veterinary practitioners who currently hold general registration in Victoria, and who:
  • are retiring from practice but wish to retain a connection with the veterinary profession
  • have moved outside Australia for a period but will be returning to practise within 1 to 2 years
  • are taking parental leave, carer's leave or for other reasons not practising for a year or more. In such cases, please first email the Board about your options because it may be more practical to retain your general registration.

Veterinary practitioners who do not hold registration in Victoria are eligible to apply for non-practising in Victoria if they would qualify for general registration. 

Benefits of non-practising registration:
  • Your name remains on the Register of Veterinary Practitioners in Victoria.
  • You will continue to receive communications from the Board.
  • You are NOT required to maintain CPD per Board Guideline 10 - Continuing Professional Development. However, continuing with your CPD is recommended if there is any possibility you will apply for general registration in the future. Under section 5(2) of the Veterinary Practice Act 1997, if you have not practised as a veterinary practitioner within the last 3 years, the Board can refuse to grant registration unless you undertake further approved training.
  • You will pay a reduced registration fee per current fee schedule
  • Because you are already on the Register of Veterinary Practitioners, only a nominal fee is payable to change back to general registration (instead of full application processing fee to re-register)
Conditions on non-practising registration:
  • You may not carry out veterinary procedures, including treatment of your own animals, in Victoria.
  • You may not provide veterinary services in Victoria.
  • You may not purchase, possess, prescribe or supply scheduled drugs under Victorian Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances legislation.
  • You may not exercise authority requiring registration as a veterinary practitioner in Victoria. [Note this includes witnessing statutory declarations or certifying copies of documents which require a person to be practising in their occupation.)

Note re specialists: A veterinary practitioner who holds endorsement as a specialist under section 8 of the VPA and who has been granted non-practising registration may describe themselves as a "non-practising registered specialist" but may not offer any level of veterinary procedure or veterinary services in Victoria - either general or specialist services. This includes providing specialist consulting services.

Apply for non-practising registration

To apply for non-practising registration in Victoria, please complete the application form below.