Fee schedule: current and next year's fees

Registration and specialist fees (NOTE new applicants also pay application processing fees
Fee type Fees to 30 June 2024
General registration fee
  • Full year's registration - $562
  • Half year's registration from 1 January 2024 - $281
    See NOTE 1 below                          
New graduate registration fee
See NOTE 2 below 
Specific registration fees
  • 12 months - $562
  • 18 months - $863
  • 24 months -  $1,163  
  • 36 months - $1,807
Non-practising registration fee  $152
Specialist endorsement fee
See NOTE 3 below
  • NOTE 1: there is no up-front pro-rata registration for persons who intend only to practise during the first half of the practising year, i.e. between 30 June and 31 December. Persons who voluntarily request their name to be removed from the Register of Veterinary Practitioners before 31 December may apply for a refund of the registration fee for the second half of the year (minus a refund processing fee).
  • NOTE 2: the reduced graduate registration fee is only for the period covering  from the date of registration to 30 June of the current financial year, e.g. for the period December 2023 to 30 June 2024. Graduates pay full general registration fees when they renew their registration for the following practising year, e.g. full fee from 1 July 2024 if registration started in the previous financial year.
  • NOTE 3: Specialists also pay the general registration fee for their registration each year.


Application processing and other administration fees
Fee type Fees to 30 June 2024
Application processing fee
See NOTE 1 below
Fast track processing fee
See NOTE 2 below
Complex assessment fee
See NOTE 3 below
Conversion processing fee - non-practising to general registration  No increase proposed - reduced from previous $194 re-registration fee
Conversion processing fee - general to non-practising registration  $60
Variation processing fee
See NOTE 4 below
Refund processing fee  $60
Late renewal fee
  • $281 for general registration
  • $76 for non-practising registration
  • NOTE 1: an application processing fee is paid by all persons applying to register in Victoria, including persons re-registering in Victoria (unless converting from non-practising registration), and persons applying for a new period of specific registration.
  • NOTE 2: a fast track fee is paid if an applicant misses a cut-off date to submit an application.
  • NOTE 3: a complex assessment fee is paid by applicants for specific registration or if the Board must consider recency of practice issues in an application.
  • NOTE 4: a variation processing fee is paid by persons who apply to the Board to vary conditions imposed on their registration, e.g. specific registrants who wish to work at a different practice than specified in their conditions.


Other service fees  
Fee type Fees to 30 June 2024
Letter of professional standing   $88 (+$13 for any additional letter sent to another registration authority at the same time) 
Register of Veterinary Practitioners
  • Full copy - $2,947
  • Partial copy - $1,478
  • Multiple extracts - $743
  • Single extract - $79


Summary information for applicants

In the year ending 30 June 2024, persons who wish to be registered in Victoria (applicants) pay application service fees plus registration fees:
  • New graduate applicants for general registration pay a total of $504 comprising a $223 application fee + $281 registration fee
  • Other applicants for general registration (including re-registration) pay $785 comprising a $223 application fee + $562 registration fee (or $504 for the period 1 January 2024 to 30 June 2024 comprising the $223 application fee plus a pro-rata (half-year) registration fee of $281)
  • Applicants for specific registration pay $973 for 12 month's registration comprising a $223 application fee + $188 complex assessment fee + $562 registration fee. The registration fee component is higher for a longer period of registration: 18 months - $863; 24 months - $1,163; 36 months - $1,807.
  • Applicants for specialist endorsement pay $598 comprising a $223 application fee + $375 specialist endorsement fee. NOTE specialists also pay their general registration fee ($562 per year) and if their specialist qualifications need to be assessed by the AVBC, they will also pay a separate application fee to the AVBC.


Board policy on fee reductions, waivers and refunds

Unless the Board is satisfied that there are special circumstances warranting payment of a reduced fee, veterinary practitioners in Victoria are required to pay full registration fees. The following circumstances are not considered to be special circumstances:
  • working part-time
  • an ordinary or foreseeable absence from practice for part of a financial year, including parental leave
  • retirement (maintaining general registration so can practise occasionally, including treating own animals)
  • leaving Victoria for another jurisdiction, and the costs associated with relocation (see section 6 – Refunds).

Veterinary practitioners who are temporarily leaving practice for more than a year may wish to consider converting their general registration to non-practising registration either permanently or for a temporary period. Fees for non-practising registration are substantially less than general registration fees, and non-practising registrants who later choose to convert back to general registration pay a conversion (from non-practising) fee which is lower than the fee payable to re-register. More information on non-practising registration: Non-practising registration


Veterinary practitioners who surrender their registration in the first half of the practising year, before 1 January, can apply for a refund of half their practising fees. A $60 refund processing fee is deducted from the amount refundable. Graduates who withdraw their application before commencing practice, or who surrender their registration within a month of registering because they have found work and registered in another Australian State, may apply for a refund of full year's registration fees.

To apply for a refund of registration fees, please:
  1. Surrender your registration by completing the voluntary removal form at this link: Registration removal request
  2. Complete and return the following form: Fee refund request (WORD)
Special circumstances

If a veterinary practitioner is able to demonstrate financial or personal hardship, the Board may reduce registration fees or accept fee payment in instalments.

To apply for fee assistance because of financial hardship or other special circumstances, you will need to provide information about your circumstances in a signed statutory declaration.
  1. Please download and complete this form: Fee assistance statutory declaration
  2. Sign the declaration form in the presence of an authorised statutory declaration witness such as another veterinary practitioner, pharmacist of police officer.
  3. Email the completed signed statutory declaration to the email address on the form.

After receiving the completed form, the Board will assess the request and decide whether to grant a fee reduction, payment plan or waiver. Where a fee reduction has been requested, the Board may offer a payment plan instead of a fee reduction. The Board will advise its decision in writing.

More information on the Board's approach to fee assistance

Download VPRBV Policy: Fee reductions, waivers and refunds