Request a letter of professional standing

Registering interstate or in another country? Order and pay for a letter of professional standing (LOPS) below if you need us to send a LOPS to another registration authority. There is a fee for the LOPS service and an additional fee for each extra letter sent to another registration authority on the same date - for current costs, see Vetboard regulatory fees. The LOPS will be issued within 5 business days of the Board receiving payment and you will be copied into the correspondence.
  • If you are currently registered in Victoria: sign-in to request and pay for a LOPS.
    IMPORTANT SIGN-IN TIP: if you cannot sign in or view content after signing in, please copy this link, open an INCOGNITO WINDOW IN CHROME,  paste the link into the incognito window and sign in from the incognito page..
  • If you are no longer registered in Victoria: email us to reactivate your account.

What's in a letter of professional standing?

The letter of professional standing, which is only valid for 3 months from date of issue, will contain the following information:
  • your name and address
  • details of your veterinary qualification
  • your registration number and registration history
  • if you are a specialist or not
  • if your registration has any conditions, and
  • general information about your standing as a veterinary practitioner while registered in Victoria.