Graduate registration

Apply for graduate general registration in Victoria by completing the application form below.
Before you complete the form, please click on the items (+) below to read important application information.

You are eligible to apply for general registration as a new graduate with the Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria (the Board) if:
  1. In the 2022-23 year, you were or will be awarded/conferred a degree in veterinary science or medicine listed in the document, Qualifications generally recognised (from AVBC website, Veterinary Registration in Australian and New Zealand). As listed in the document, graduates of some international universities must also have passed the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) before being eligible for registration. Applicants may also need to demonstrate English language competency (see 'Documents to be attached to application form' below). 
  2. You are living in Victoria or you plan to live in Victoria after you graduate.
  3. (For those already recently awarded their degree), you are not registered or licensed as a veterinary practitioner with another veterinary authority, e.g. UK graduates already registered with the RCVS are not eligible for graduate registration in Australia.

NO INTERIM OR PROVISIONAL REGISTRATION: Vetboard Victoria does not register persons who have completed their studies but not yet been awarded their degree. Note also that Vetboard Victoria only recognises full/primary registration from other States and Territories as giving a person the right to practise under national recognition of veterinary registration. The Board does not recognise provisional registration as giving a person the right to practise in Victoria.

  • Waiting for your degree to be awarded: Apply now to be registered the day after you are awarded your degree. To avoid paying fast track fees, please lodge your application no later than 2 weeks before the date your degree will be awarded.
  • Already have your degree: If you have already been awarded your degree, you can apply before one of the cut-off dates listed below to be registered by one of the registration dates below. If you have missed an application due-date or want to be registered earlier than the next registration date, please request fast track processing of your application in the application form. Fast tracking takes up to 7 days and you will be charged an extra fee per Vetboard Victoria fee schedule.
  • Application cut-off dates for the next months are:
    • 26 February 2023 for registration on 14 March 2023
    • 21 April 2023 for registration on 9 May 2023
    • 26 May 2023 for registration on 13 June 2023
    • 23 June 2023 for registration on 11 July 2023

After you have submitted your application, we will send you a payment email containing a link to pay your fees online. Fees include an application fee and a registration fee (plus fast-track fees if you request fast-tracking of your registration). Refer to current fees at: Vetboard Victoria fee schedule 

Prepare high-quality colour PDF copies of the following documents to attach to the application form:
  1. Download: statutory declaration for graduate registration application (PDF or Word) to be completed and signed in the presence of an authorised statutory declaration witness
  2. PDF copy of personal resume (CV) listing all your education, work and veterinary activities up to now. Include your place of birth, and your places of primary, secondary and tertiary education. If English is not your primary language, include a section detailing your English language education. 
  3. Certified as a true copy of the original by an authorised person such as a pharmacist, police officer or a veterinary practitionera high-quality colour copy of current photographic identification such as a passport or the front and back of a driver's licence. All international applicants must provide a certified passport page not a driver's licence.
  4. If you have already been awarded your degree, your degree testamur (formal graduation certificate) or an academic transcript containing the date your degree was awarded. This can be shared in 2 ways:
    1. instead of attaching to the application form, shared via the My eQuals platform: if your university uses this platform you can log in,  find your testamur, choose the Share option then choose the email option to share with [email protected] (do not use a PIN).   
    2. OR
    3. attached to the application form, a colour PDF copy of the testamur certified as a true copy of the original by an authorised person such as a pharmacist, police officer, or a vet 

    If you have not yet graduated, you do not have to provide a copy of your testamur because it will not be available until after you are awarded your degree. If your name is on the “Dean’s list” provided by your university, the Board will register you on the day after your degree is awarded. When your university issues your testamur after graduation, you must either give us access to a secure digital copy using the share option on the My eQuals platform or email us a high-quality colour PDF which has been certified as a true copy of the original by an authorised person such as a pharmacist, police officer or a vet. If you are sharing your testamur via My eQuals, note it may not be available immediately after you graduate. Just follow the share instructions after the University uploads it.

  5. International graduates (if you are also required to provide proof of passing the NAVLE): arrange for the Veterinary Information Verifying Agency to email a score transfer certificate to the Board.
  6. International students or graduates must supply certified proof of English language competency: the Board recognises that some international students at Australasian universities took English tests to be admitted to their courses, have been studying in English, and have lived in Australia or New Zealand while studying. If you took an English test to enter an Australasian university, please upload a certified copy of those results; if not, add a paragraph to your resume detailing your English language education and experience. If you will be graduating from (or have already graduated from) a university in another country where English is not the official language, either provide certified proof you meet AVBC English Language Standards or add a paragraph to your resume detailing your English language education and experience. 
  7. If you were a registered veterinarian in another country before enrolling in your current studies, please arrange for the local registration authority in that country to email a letter of professional standing directly to Vetboard Victoria.

Privacy of your information: The Board will only use and disclose personal information collected in the registration form for the purposes of registration, unless the Board has obtained your consent to use the information for additional purposes. More information: Privacy and data protection policy