Order antimicrobial prescribing resources for your practice

Vet Board Guideline 15.3 requires that 'A veterinary practitioner has developed and/or has available, and complies with, a written protocol describing prudent and responsible use of antibiotics which directs their supply and use of antibiotics.'

Resources to help veterinary practices develop a protocol on responsible use of antibiotics can be ordered online from the the National Centre for Antibiotic Stewardship (NCAS):
  • complete an online order form to get HARD COPY versions of antimicrobial prescribing guidelines and other resources such as pocketbooks, charts and posters 
  • access digital versions of guidebooks, posters, traffic light cards and more vet antibiotic resources (University of Melbourne) 
  • access digital versions of Australian veterinary prescribing guidelines and antimicrobial stewardship guidelines at vet antibiotics (University of Melbourne).

Read the Vet Board's Guideline 15: Responsible supply and use of antibiotics