Vet registration in bushfire emergency

Australian registration required

If you are already registered in Victoria or in another Australian State or Territory, you can work as a veterinary practitioner in Victoria during the bushfire emergency.

If you are not registered in Australia, you must register with the Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria (Vetboard Victoria) before you can start working as a veterinary practitioner during the bushfire emergency. There is no provision in Victorian legislation which allows veterinarians who are not already registered in an Australian State or Territory to work in Victoria in an emergency.

How to apply for urgent registration

If you wish to register with Vetboard Victoria so you can provide veterinary services during the bushfire emergency, we can fast track the processing of your registration application. If you are being paid to provide veterinary services in the emergency, the Board will waive fast track registration fees. If you will not be paid for your services, the Board may consider waiving some registration charges.
To register, please email the the following documents to [email protected]:
  • A completed application form (scroll down this page to find the form)
    * The form contains a statutory declaration about your suitability to register as a veterinary practitioner which you must print, complete and sign in front of a person officially authorised to certify documents in your country.
    * If you do not have a residential address in Victoria yet, write TO BE ADVISED in this field. Inform us as soon as you have a residential address.
    * If you do not have a practice address yet, write NO REGISTER ADDRESS in this field. Inform us as soon as you have a practice address.
    * Please provide a current postal address if you do not have a residential or practice address in Victoria.
  • A certified copy of your degree or diploma certificate from the tertiary institution where you graduated in veterinary science or medicine. Your veterinary qualification must be on the list of accredited qualifications recognised by the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council. See the AVBC list of qualifications here (PDF). If you do not have access to this certificate, please give permission to Vetboard Victoria to get a copy of this document from the registration authority where you are currently registered. 
  • English language test results, if you have completed any of the tests listed in English language skills: AVBC Standards (PDF).
  • A certified copy of photographic identification. If your ID is a driver's licence, the certified copy must contain photos of both the front and back pages of the licence.
  • An additional statutory declaration stating that:
    * you are applying for registration for the specific purpose of providing veterinary care for animals affected by the 2019-20 bushfires in Victoria
    * you are registered in your home country (provide the name of the registration board/authority and your registration number)
    * you are in good standing with the registration authority where you are currently registered
    * you will not be receiving monetary reward for your services [do not include this sentence if you are being paid for your veterinary services], and
    * you will not use your Victorian registration to provide paid veterinary services [do not include this sentence if you are being paid for your veterinary services].

About certifying document copies

  • Find out which types of people are officially authorised to witness documents in the country where you are located. If you are already in Victoria, you will find a list of authorised persons here: 
  • Do not get your documents certified by a relative, housemate, or someone with whom you are in a relationship.
  • The authorised person must write or stamp on the copy of the document, 'I have sighted the original document and certify this to be a true copy of the original.' They must write this on the front of the copy (not a blank back page).

Application form

Privacy of your information: The Board will only use and disclose personal information collected in the registration form for the purposes of registration, unless the Board has obtained your consent to use the information for additional purposes. More information: Privacy and data protection policy