Support for veterinary practitioners

Vetboard Victoria recognises that from time to time veterinary practitioners experience challenges in their practice for which they may require support. The Board also recognises that veterinary practitioners may experience stress upon receiving notice of a complaint from the Board. The Board manages complaints in accordance with the Veterinary Practice Act 1997. We are committed to managing complaints sensitively and in accordance with our legal obligations, including confidentiality, privacy and natural justice principles. When investigating a complaint, the Board assesses the matter on its individual merits. The outcome of a complaint investigation will not be known until the investigation is completed. While the process can take time, it should not be assumed that an investigation will result in any adverse finding against a veterinary practitioner.

We encourage you to contact us if you require any information or have any questions about the complaint process. You can contact us by leaving a message on 9620 7444 or emailing [email protected]

If you need additional support, we encourage you to talk to your friends, family or colleagues about how you are feeling. You can also access support through the following services:

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