Escalated restrictions in Victoria

Under the Stage 4 ‘Stay at Home’ Restrictions which apply to metropolitan Melbourne, veterinary clinics and related services can stay open if they have a COVIDSafe plan. Services that can continue include on-farm visits and to veterinary clinics, animal minding services and artificial insemination. Under current Stay at Home (Restricted Areas) directions, people can leave their homes to go to a veterinary clinic, though they can only travel 5km from their premises to obtain these services (unless this is not practical, e.g. the closest veterinary practice is more than 5k away).

All open businesses and services will have until 11:59pm Friday 7 August to enact a COVIDSafe plan focused on safety, prevention and response in the event that coronavirus is linked to the workplace. Vetboard Victoria is seeking more information on COVIDSafe plans and operation of the curfew, and we will publish this when available. In the meantime, please direct your questions to the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services.

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