External review of Board process and practice

2017 Report recommendations and actions by 7th Board

In December 2017, an external review report - Final Report of the Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria Board Review (2017 Report), was tabled with the members of the 7th Veterinary Practitioner Registration Board of Victoria ("7th Board"). The 2017 Report had been commissioned by the 7th Board in accordance with a focus on good governance and to support the continuous improvement of process and practice.

All Board members with service over the term of the 7th Board were interviewed on a range of governance matters. Based on their observations, the following 3 key recommendations, as well as a range of broader findings, were put forward in the 2017 Report:

Recommendation 1: Board Action Plan

That the Board workshop the key findings, outcomes, considerations and recommendations of this Board review, with the aim of developing a Board Action Plan for the next 1 to 2 years, which:
  • identifies the objective for each action
  • allocates lead responsibility and a timeline for each action
  • is presented at each Board meeting to report on progress
  • is reviewed annually to determine progression of those areas where Board and management are seeking change, progress and improvement.

Recommendation 2: Board retreat or workshop

That the Board plan and participate in an independently facilitated Board retreat or workshop covering the following topics and conversations. Including the Executive in part or all of this program would build their board governance knowledge and understanding, and enhance the working relationships between the Board and executive team members.
  • Role of the Board
  • VPRBV Purpose
  • Culture and Values
  • Key Stakeholder Engagement.

Recommendation 3: Strategic Planning

That the Board develop a comprehensive Strategic Plan in which it:
  • Confirms its Purpose, Mission and Vision
  • Articulates its Strategic Objectives
  • Outlines the Strategic Initiatives, Priorities, Actions and Timelines to be undertaken to realise these Objectives
  • Monitors the progress of the Plan on a regular basis.

The 7th Board implemented all 3 key recommendations from the 2017 Report.

The 2017 Report’s findings also highlighted potential operational improvements to be pursued in the areas of:
  • The Board's contribution to legislative reform
  • Appointment processes for members of the Board
  • Stakeholder communication and engagement
  • Risk identification and management
  • Scope of Board sub-committees
  • Professional development opportunities for Board members and Executive
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities of the Board and Executive
  • Operational improvements in IT capability and investigation processes.

Continuing governance review of the 2017 Report by the 8th Board

The members of the 8th Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria ("8th Board") commenced their term on 18 June 2019. In accordance with the 2017 Report’s recommendations, the 8th Board has reviewed the status of implementation of 2017 Report’s recommendations and findings.

While the 8th Board notes that the 2017 Report represented the views of stakeholders at a point in time, and many of the proposed improvements are now operating as ‘business as usual’ practices, the intent of the 2017 Report to introduce an organisational culture seeking opportunities to enact continuous improvements and self-reflection is relevant today.

In relation to the 3 key recommendations, at a Strategic Planning Day on 28 May 2020 the 8th Board reviewed its key corporate planning documents to ensure their currency and relevance in achieving the Board’s Purpose, Mission and Vision. In relation to the outcomes from the 2020 Strategic Planning Day, the ‘live’ Action Plan of the 8th Board has prioritised and embedded a range of key actions to support their intended outcome. The 8th Board has adopted the following key actions and outcomes for completion during its 3 year term:
  • Adoption of a Board meeting agenda to include Board reflection, routine review of progress against the Strategic Plan, Board sub-committee reports oversighting Audit and Risk, Professional Standards and Registration
  • Review and update of the the Board Guidelines on standards of professional conduct for registered veterinary practitioners in Victoria including public consultation and stakeholder focus group discussion
  • Proactive contribution to legislative reform of legislation and regulation that intersects with the Veterinary Practice Act 1997 in advance of its review
  • Adoption of a risk-based approach to regulatory practices to strategically focus compliance activities and resources on areas of greatest need
  • Provision of support to the veterinary profession and the public in times of emergency by ensuring targeted guidance is provided to assure the standard of services remains consistent with pre-emergency expectations
  • Enhancement of online service provision that supports registration, fee payment and compliance activities.
In addition to implementing the recommendations of the 2017 Review, the focus of the 8th Board is on:
  • Reviewing, developing and implementing improved processes related to the Board’s core functions of registration and complaints management
  • Enhancing stakeholder communication and engagement with the public, registered veterinary practitioners, organisations working with the veterinary profession and the broader community
  • Further developing the Board’s values and professional culture
  • Improving information management and utilisation
  • Reviewing the Veterinary Practice Act 1997 and contributing to the development of a new Act
  • Providing a framework for an effective and efficient transition to the next Board.

Opportunity for feedback

Vetboard Victoria welcomes feedback on its process and practice from the public and the profession.  

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