Specialist registration

The title veterinary specialist is legally restricted to persons who have achieved higher veterinary qualifications and are registered as veterinary specialists by Australian veterinary boards.

The Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria endorses veterinary practitioners to practise in Victoria as veterinary specialists in branches of veterinary surgery or medicine. Prerequisites for endorsement are:
  1. The veterinary practitioner must have general registration in Victoria.
  2. The practitioner must have satisfactorily completed a post-graduate qualification in a recognised branch of veterinary surgery or medicine.
  3. The practitioner must have practised, or must be currently practising, in the specified branch of veterinary surgery or medicine.

Application information

Applying if you are endorsed as a specialist in another Australian State or Territory

  1. If you do not have general registration in Victoria > Apply for general registration
  2. Arrange with the Board where you are endorsed as a specialist to email a Letter of professional standing containing confirmation of your specialist endorsement to [email protected]
  3. Complete and email the specialist application form below to [email protected]

After you lodge your application, the Board will consider the application at at its next monthly meeting.

Applying if you are not an endorsed specialist in Australia

  1. If you do not have general registration in Victoria > Apply for general registration
  2. Complete and return the following two forms, with the supporting documents specified in the forms:
    You can email the forms to [email protected] . However, you must provide us with the original copies of all supporting documents certified by an authorised witness, including the statutory declaration in Form 1. You can either post or hand-deliver original certified copies to Level 14, 10-16 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000. 
After you lodge your application:
  • The AVBC’s Advisory Committee on Registration of Veterinary Specialists will assess your qualifications. This committee is the body responsible for recommending specialist status to Australian registration boards.
  • Standard applications can take up to 6 weeks to assess. Alternative applications can take up to 12 months to assess. We will keep you updated during the endorsement process.
  • We may contact you on the AVBC's behalf to ask you for more information.
  • If the AVBC recommends you for specialist endorsement, your endorsement will be considered at the next meeting of the Victorian Board.

Application and endorsement fees

Board fees for specialist endorsement during the 2020-2021 financial year are:
  • $155 application fee 
  • $260 specialist endorsement fee (payable each year)
  • If you are also applying for general registration, general registration fees of $390 (or $195 for the period 1 December to 30 June).

AVBC assessment fees: if you have not been endorsed as a specialist by another Australian State or Territory, you will also need to pay to have your qualifications assessed by the AVBC’s Advisory Committee on Registration of Veterinary Specialists. More information: AVBC schedule of fees (PDF) or contact the AVBC at [email protected] or +61 3 9620 7844.   

Privacy of your information

The Board will only use and disclose personal information collected in the registration form for the purposes of registration, unless the Board has obtained your consent to use the information for additional purposes. More information: Privacy and data protection policy