Survey on veterinary practitioner resilience 

Survey link:

Veterinary practitioners are invited to participate in an anonymous online survey about resilience in the veterinary profession. The survey should take about 15 minutes of your time. All data collected will be strictly confidential.

The aim of the survey is to explore what "resilience" means to mid- and late-career veterinarians and the factors that contribute to resilience. The researchers hope to create a model of what resilience looks like in veterinary practice, from the perspective of mid- and late-career veterinarians; and identify what strategies might be useful for veterinarians in sustaining resilience throughout their career.

The University of Adelaide's Human Research Ethics Committee has approved the survey (approval number H-2017-073). The survey is part of a project being conducted by Dr Michelle McArthur from The University of Adelaide, Dr Ingrid van Gelderen from The University of Sydney, Dr Susan Matthew from Washington State University (US), Dr Aaron Jarden from Flinders University and Mr Matthew Iasiello from the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute.